Senin, 03 April 2017

Dewa Athena

        Dewa Athena is a kind of sports event in my school, SMAN 3 Bandung. Dewa Athena was held on 23 March 2017. This event held annually. This event was created by OSIS SIE 7 to cultivate an attitude of sportmanship for the students. The event give many sports game such as basketball, football, badminton, dodge ball , and some relay race competition. Beside that, there are other game like Gobak Sodor and Tarik Tambang or Tug of War Contest. This event was held for first and second grade. Dewa Athena starts at 07:30 AM at Lapang Bali. This event is divided into two session, in March 23 to 25 March and in 1 April to 8 April. In 23 and 24 March was the opening ceremony of the event and the game for the second grade. In 25 March and 1 April was the game for first grade. In 8 April was the final game, the winner of the first grade and the winner of the second grade will be matched.

            In 25 March I wasn't participate at Dewa Athena because at that day, there is an evaluation in my extracurricular, Angklung. The evaluation was important because we will performing an concert at 29 April. So, at that day we were allowed to dispensation. In the morning, we were practice angklung. It starts from 08:30 AM to 12:00 PM. We were having a rest and pray at 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM. After that we continued the practice until 03:20 PM. After that we were having a rest and pray again. After that, at 04.00 PM we were having an evaluation. The evaluation was like kind of rehearsal of the concert or some test. When evaluation started, we just like performing an concert. The evaluation was held at Aula Lama SMAN 3 Bandung. We performed our song during the evaluation. The evaluation was done until 06:00 PM. It was very exhausting. After the evaluation was done, we were having a rest and pray. After that we continued our discuss about our evaluation, but at that time I had permission to go home early because there are an event in my junior high school. So, i didn't participate the discuss about evaluation.

            In the next week, there was a second part of Dewa Athena for first grade. I was participate to be a dodge ball player. Last week at 25 March when i didn't participated at Dewa Athena, my class was winning 3 game, it was dodge ball, relay race, and Gobak Sodor. The next week, at 1 April we were participate again for final game in first grade. I was an dodge ball player. My class was matched with acceleration class. But unfortunately we didn't win at those three game. I didn't winning the dodge ball game. But, i think it's okay because we have been trying our best for winning this game. I hope next time at other event our class will be the winner. Thank you for reading this.

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