Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2016

Announcement Of National Exam

          One of the unforgettable moment of my life is the the announcement of national exam. At first, about 5 or 6 days before the announcement of national exam started, I got sick. The disease who suffered was dengue fever. At that time i was hospitalized in Borromeus hospital. That time was making me and my family worried. When i was hospitalized, some nurse asked me that what high school do i choose. I answered 3 National High School. Until finally I was quite recovered and allow to return from the hospital on 8 June 2016, 3 days before the announcement of the national exam started. Maybe i sick because I'm sick because I'm too worried waiting my grades was announced.

          The announcement of national exam started at 11 June 2016. Actually 1 day before the announcement of national exam started, it was my birthday in 10 June 2016. I hoped that my grades was becoming a memorable and the best birthday gift from my god. In that moment i always prayed after i finished doing shalat although i haven't completely healed. 

          And this is it, the time who full of tension and worries, announcement of national exam. In my school this announcement was take place in the school hall. I remember before the announcement day was started, I prayed dhuha, that made me more peaceful. Then i went to school in 01:30 PM. When the students and their parents gathered in the school hall, the announcement of the highest grade each subject. Starts from Indonesian language highest grades. I think that my grade was on average only because I've never been ranked at the top when I'm doing some try out in my school. But the reality when the names that get the highest score was announced, the name who called was me and 1 of my friend, Rifky who now in the same high scool with me. the grade was 96,0 ,huft. . . i though that my grade was 100,0 but at least I was surprised that i got the highest grade in the national exam. But in  the next announcement that was the math highest grade, I didn't have a highest score. I got 92,0 in math. At that time i was gratefull but had some disappointed felling because i didn't make my teacher proud of me. My teacher, Mr Andri was he kindness teacher i had ever seen.  At the first time in 9th class, my math grade was below the average in some exercise of national exam called "checkpoint". at that time Mr. Andri always teaching me if i didn't understand the lesson, and at that time myself just asked me to change, so i decide to study more from many books and finish every exercise in that books. And finally when the national exam was imminent, my grades in every math try out wasn't bellow the average, even my grade was beyond the expectation. Because of that i want to show my teacher that I had change. But my math grade in national exam wasn't the highest grade. I just worried if i got 80,0 in mat. The next announcement was English grade. I didn't got the highest grade but at least I have worked hard to get the best grade. I got 92,5 in English. I think that grade was quite enough for me because usually i got 87,5 in the school try out. Then the last announcement was the highest grade in science. The teacher said that there was one student that had grade 100,0 in science, i was impressed who is that student. Actually that student is me. I was very surprised. I thought that i was mishear. I don't believe it i got 100,0 in science. Even my parents didn't believe. I was very grateful, finally my works all this time was replied. Thank god for every surprise in this day, i believe withous your help maybe i didn't have this bless and happiness.
          Maybe that my stories about some unforgettable moments. Actually i have many more, but maybe sometime i tell you about my unforgettable moments. Thank you for your attention.

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