Selasa, 27 September 2016

My Favorite Place

         My favorite place is my bedroom. In my bedroom, there is a bed who pretty big  so sometime I use my bed as a place for studying.  My bed is pretty neat that make me comfortable to doing all my activity in the bed like reading a novel, drawing, studying, sleeping, chatting, playing an online game, and many more except eating.

             In my bedroom there is a table or desk for studying. Sometime this desk isn't neat when it is used to studying. But after being used to study, I usually tidy up the desk to make it look neat. There is a calendar in front of the desk. This calendar usually help me in knowing some of the deadlines and test dates. This calendar has helped me to be more disciplined in time management.

           Right at the top of the calendar there is a secret room were quite narrow. I use this room when i have a bad day or a sadness because in this narrow rooms, there are some snacks that make me happy like a chocolate and green tea snacks. I believe that when i eat some snacks in that room, my sadness is become a happiness. Beside that, there are some stuffs that full of memories. The memories that made me motivated to move on and never repeat the same mistakes.

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