Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

My Holiday

My Holiday

         Last holiday, I mostly spent my free time in my own city, Bandung. Just like hangout with my friends or my family. Beside that, I spent my time to Angklung practiced and watched some film. Sometime during the holidays I saw photos of my friends with their family went to other country like Mecca, Japan and other in my social media. Actually when a first week in last holiday, my father went to Japan. I'm quite happy when my father came home even I didn't took a vacation to Japan, it;s because he bought me some souvenirs. I really want to have some vacation to a place I never visit. When the holiday almost over, I just felt bored with this holiday and I said that to my father. Everything change when my father answered me. I didn't expected that my father said that he want to took a vacation to Cirebon with my family. But the holiday almost over, only two days left. My father said that this two days was going to be much fun if my family prefer to choose holiday to Cirebon only 2 days, and then my family agreed.

         My family went to Cirebon with a car and we arrived about four hours after departure. After we chose some hotel to have a break, we went to find some culinary in Cirebon like Empal Gentong and Nasi Jamblang. And we find it, when I want to ordered Nasi Jamblang, I surprised that the rice is very small. And my mom was laughing when she saw that I was surprised. My mom said that the food is ordinary serve a lot of side dish and small portion of rice. After I ate Nasi Jamblang, I tried to ate Empal Gentong. At first when the waiter serve Empal Gentong, it smells good. I can't wait to tasted it. When
i tasted it, it tasted like kind of Soto. Honestly this Soto is the most delicious Soto i had ever tasted. The meat was tender so i like it. The seasoning was very perfect in my tounge. After I and my family had some culinary, we went around Cirebon until night. After that, we take a rest. The next day we return to Bandung. it was very fast, this two days is unforgettable. Maybe for another people, they prefer to choose to traveling to other country. But for me, traveling in my country, Indonesia is more fun and unforgettable. Especially the culinary. That's all from me, thank you for reading.

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