Minggu, 05 Februari 2017

Person Who Save Me

Actually, the most person who save me in 1 month ago is my old friend, Aghnan. He is my best friend when I was in junior high school. When we was high school, we have a different high school, so we rarely seen each other. Someday in last January, I was almost late and I forget that I didn’t bring some money to go to school by some public transportation. Fortunately I remembered it before I entered the public transportation. I ran so fast to my home. Suddenly I meet my old friend, Aghnan when he was riding a motorcycle to pick up his little brother. He ask me why I was running so fast. I explained him and then he took his wallet to gave me the cost. I’m very thankful and I said that I will pay it back double. I ran back into public transportation roadway. Fortunately in that day I didn’t late because of him. About  1 week later, I meet again with him then I gave him some money to pay it back double because I was so thankful because of him. I hope he read this.

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